Today Awaits Tomorrow

Sow today, with a careful hand
In the fertile soil, make your plans
Plant your seeds with hopes and dreams
For tomorrow's harvest, it all begins

Let your character be your guide
And let your deeds speak with pride
For a good name is worth more than gold
It is a treasure that never fades

Cultivate it with each passing day
Nurture and care for it in every way
Water with diligence, nourish with love
Only then will riches come from above

What you sow, you will reap
What you cultivate, you shall keep
A reputation, strong and true
Is the fruit of all you do

Do not be idle or lazy
Work hard and be fruitful
For tomorrow's harvest you must prepare
The seeds you sow will get you there

Do not be seduced by shortcuts and lies
For they will only lead to destruction
Sow with integrity, and labour with pride
A rich tomorrow, you will stay safe

Sow kindness with compassion
Cultivate trust, with every action
Tomorrow's harvest is in your hands
The seeds you sow will determine your lands.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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