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The Agony of Life

“It is not fair, God! It is not fair! How can you allow a handful of men more joy than is good for their sanity and the rest of us more tears than we can […]

Poet's corner

African Music

I am blessed Owl and a little girl | Friendship A silent soul Where is your brother? | A 3-Minute reflection How true is the Good Shepherd? How do you view God? Jesus you are […]

Daily digest

A beautiful song

Alone in the eventide like a caged bird I pondered for hours as the light shines in the gloom of the lonely night to authenticate the melody of a beautiful song veiled in my soul. […]

Daily digest

Every end is a new beginning

The last day of the year brings us back to the beginning. To end well, we must reconnect to what is at the beginning and foundation of our life.Of course, sometimes we are delighted that […]

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Join me on YouTube I am blessed Jesus you are so good Chukwu huru m nanya Reflecting on the reason for Advent Christmas crib decoration Learn from Mary’s openness to God Christmas tree decoration Candle […]

A moment with God

A friendly correction

A friendly correction is inevitable for all relationship, family and community. It is necessary to use caution on someone who hurts us. Though, unconsciously, we might be tempted to raise their flaws in the open […]

A moment with God

Beyond the rules

We must not lose sight or become ill attached to a rule forgetting of why rules exist. Rules are there as a great indication, as a signal, like a compass, but it is not the […]

A moment with God

When God is silent

There are times when God seems silent and it appears as if He has left us. We go in search of Him for help without receiving a response. All that we experience is nothing but […]

A moment with God

Who is on your boat?

Today Jesus has decided to get on our boat. He needs no permission from us. All that He desires is our collaboration to continue the work of redemption. He understands our problems. He knows our […]

A moment with God

In sickness

When we go to Jesus, what is our belief? Do we go to Him because of His power of healing? Do we approach Him because of His physical presence? At the feet of Jesus, there […]