Looking at the two sides of the coin, Life and Death, one finds another dimension in our existential history. Man, destined from the origin of creation tii live, love and serve God perpetually incidentally turned to be a foe because of greed. Thus, bringing a change in the divine plans of God to become a transit camp.

Life, therefore became a bed of thorns where jealousy, envy, hatred and wickedness abound. It had become unrestful for mortals and no longer a bed of roses. The world which was meant to be man’s heritage from God became a pilgrimage centre where he lingers for a while and passes on like the grass in the fields. Man’s approach into the world is with moans and in his return unconscious, abandoning all his wages and earnings as he journey back home.

As we make an onward journey to our homeland, we have to take life easy and the things in it with prudence for we may never get out of it alive.