My life is my mission.

I am about to lay a permanent foundation to attain my mission. My mission is to be the best in my field of work and destiny has given me the opportunity to discover what is best for me. God has been the source of my inspiration and contentment. By His grace, I desire to share those my gifts with you in its original form. I know that I am not the best, but I am unique by nature just as everyone else is unique. Just like a drop of water in an ocean, I hope to make my humble contribution to our changing world. My life is my mission. I will proceed to transform my dream into reality. Success is a gradual process.

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Poet's corner

The Agony of Life

“It is not fair, God! It is not fair! How can you allow a handful of men more joy than is good for their sanity and the rest of us more tears than we can […]

Poet's corner

African Music

I am blessed Owl and a little girl | Friendship A silent soul Where is your brother? | A 3-Minute reflection How true is the Good Shepherd? How do you view God? Jesus you are […]

Daily digest

A beautiful song

Alone in the eventide like a caged bird I pondered for hours as the light shines in the gloom of the lonely night to authenticate the melody of a beautiful song veiled in my soul. […]