Redemption is a path we all must take
A journey of healing, a chance to remake
Our mistakes and wrongs that we have done
To find a sense of peace that must be won

It's a lesson learned, a humbling sight
To accept our flaws and embrace what's right
To mend the broken pieces of our soul
And finally be at peace, to be whole

Redemption is not an easy road to tread
It requires courage and strength instead
To face our past and confront our pain
To forgive ourselves and break the chain

For we are human, imperfect to the core
But redemption gives us a chance to restore
The goodness within us, the light that shines
To seek forgiveness and leave behind our crimes

It's a second chance, a new beginning
To rise from the ashes and start winning
To be better than we were before
And let our past mistakes be no more

Redemption is a journey of self-discovery
To find the purpose and our true identity
To make amends and live with no regret
And spread love and kindness to all we've met.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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