Beyond the stone tablets
The Divine codes were written
In the form of commandments
Given to Moses, from Mt Sinai for all.

Do not have idols
Or worship false gods
For true faith and trust
Is what the Lord applauds.

Do not use His name
In vain or in jest
For His name is sacred
And must be blessed.

Remember the Sabbath
Keep it holy and rest
For in His presence
We are forever blessed.

Honour your parents
For they gave you life
And with love and respect
You'll ward off all strife.

Do not murder or steal
For all life is precious
And to take away or take without
Is truly malicious.

Do not bear false witness
Or spread untrue lies
For our word is our bond
And truth never dies.

Do not covet what's not yours
For greed leads to sin
Be content with what you have
And peace will begin.

Love your neighbour like yourself
Treat them with kindness and care
For we are all God's children
And love is what we share.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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