Your Future is Here

"Get ready to step into a bright future that's waiting for you. It's right here, just within your reach. Let's explore the endless possibilities together!"

Your future has begun now
In this moment, in this hour
Don't waste it with "what ifs" and "hows"
Work towards making your destiny bright and great.

No more waiting for luck
Or dwelling on the past
It's time for you to rise
And make your dreams last.

Work harder, push further
With determination and zeal
For it is in your hands,
To make your future real.

Give yourself the best chance
To make your destiny bright
Believe in your potential
And let your goals take flight.

Give yourself the best
Opportunity to grow
And watch as your destiny
Glitters and glows

As you build your path
With every step you take
Remember to never give up
For that's the only mistake.

Allow your hard work guide you
In reaching for the stars
And making your tomorrow
A masterpiece of your own memoirs.

Your future has started now
But it's not set in stone
Work towards your desires
And let your destiny be known.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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