Life of Saint Prisca


Saint Prisca was a young martyr in the early days of the Roman Church. Born to wealthy Christian parents, she grew up during the reign of Emperor Claudius. While Claudius did not actively persecute Christians like other emperors, practicing the faith openly was still dangerous. In order to avoid suspicion, Prisca's parents kept their Christianity hidden.

However, Prisca herself did not feel the need to hide her beliefs. She openly declared her devotion to Christ, and eventually, someone reported her to Emperor Claudius. Upon hearing of her faith, Claudius had her arrested and ordered her to make sacrifices to pagan idols. Prisca, staying true to her faith, refused and was subjected to torture. Suddenly, a bright yellow light surrounded her, making her appear like a star.

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Despite this miraculous event, Claudius ordered that Prisca be imprisoned, hoping she would renounce her beliefs. But Prisca remained steadfast, even when faced with the ultimate test - a ferocious lion in the coliseum. To everyone's surprise, the lion approached her and gently licked her feet.

In the end, Prisca received the martyr's crown when the emperor ordered that she be beheaded by a sword. Her unwavering faith and bravery in the face of danger serve as a testament to her dedication to Christ.


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