The youngest Old Person

At the tender age of sixty
A new chapter begins
For the youngest of the old
The journey of life never ends

With silver hair and wrinkled skin
They wear their age with pride
For the wisdom and experience they hold
Makes them truly alive

Even when their youth has faded
Their hearts still beat with fire
With memories of days gone by
And a burning desire

To make the most of every moment
And to embrace each day
Because at the youngest age of sixty
They still have so much to say

They have seen the world change
And have stories to tell
Of love, loss, adventure
And how life can be so beautiful

They may walk a little slower
And their steps may be shaky
But their minds are sharp and ready
To learn and grow with every study

The youngest age of an old person
Is a time full of grace and charm
For they have lived through it all
And yet they remain calm.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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