When the world feels heavy and dark
And demons try to tear you apart
Find solace in your rosary beads
For with it, your faith always succeeds

Each Hail Mary, a whisper of hope
Each Our Father, a way to cope
In the mysteries, find peace and light
And let all your worries take flight

For each bead holds a sacred story
Of love and grace, of joy and glory
And as you pray, the angels sing
For every word is a heavenly offering

With each click of the beads in your hand
Feel the presence of God's divine command
In every decade, the saints rejoice
For your prayers are like a soothing voice

Pray your rosary daily, dear friend
Let its power and beauty never end
For in this simple string of beads
Lies the strength to fulfill all your needs

Let it be your armor in times of strife
And your guide in the journey of life
For in the rosary, lies the key
To unlock the gates of eternity

So when the weight of the world feels too surreal
And you're unsure of what to feel
Just hold your rosary close and pray
For in its embrace, there's always a way

So pray your rosary daily, without fail
Let it be your ship in the stormy gale
For in its sacred prayers, you'll find
The peace and love of the divine.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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