Christmas is a time of joy and cheerfulness
A time of celebration, love and caring
It brings family and friends together
With warmth and kindness that lasts forever

Christmas is a reminder of what we should always do
Show compassion and kindness to all
Forgive and forget
And spread love without regret

The spirit of Christmas is about giving
Just like the wise men
Who brought gifts to the child in the manger
Therein lies the true meaning of life

Christmas is a time
To celebrate and rejoice
At the birth of our Saviour
With every song and every voice

A child was born, in a humble place
And he brought hope to mankind
He taught us to love, forgive and care
And to believe in times of despair

He showed us the way to become better every day
To spread kindness and love, in every way
To make the world a better place
And to share love, with every race

The streets are decorated with twinkling lights
Children wait with great anticipation
For gifts from parents, relatives and friends
Families await the arrival of their loved ones

The spirit of Christmas is all about giving
Therein lies the true meaning of life
Let us come together and celebrate
With love and happiness, let us act.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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