I am a mystery, full of grace
A divine connection, to this earthly place
I am the balance, between heaven and earth
The link that binds, for all its worth

I am the fire, that ignites the soul
A guiding light, that makes all whole
I am the voice, in the silence of night
The warmth and comfort, in times of fright

I am the force, that moves the tides
The energy, that never subsides
I am the wind, that calls your name
The fire within, that keeps your flame

I am the love, that knows no end
The eternal bond, that cannot bend
I am the thread, that weaves you whole
The divine connection, that will never fail

I am your hope, in times of despair
The ray of sunshine, in the darkest lair
I am the faith, that keeps you strong
The power that helps you carry on

I am the link, between you and I
The bridge that brings you closer to me
In my image, I fashioned you
In a divine connection, that will forever be.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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