I was born on the feast of St. Stephen
the second day of Christmas cheer
amidst the glittering lights and carols
a gift to the world so dear

My parents rejoiced with grateful hearts
a blessing on that holy day
for I was their little miracle
born in a manger, in my way

As I grew and learned of the name
An honour to the saint who came before
I felt a sense of humble pride
knowing I was born on his revered shore

St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr
a man of great faith and love
his legacy lives on through me
a reminder of grace from above

Each year, on the feast of St. Stephen
I light a candle in his name
grateful for my life and purpose
embracing the fire of his flame

Like him, I aim to spread joy
and help those in need of care
to be a source of hope and light
in a world that can sometimes seem so bare

Though I was born on the feast of St. Stephen
I am more than just a coincidence
for I believe it was meant to be
a destiny of divine providence

To St. Stephen, the patron of my birth
a guiding force in all I do
I honour you with my words and deeds
and I pray to always stay faithful and true.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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