Blessed Father Cyprian Iwene Tansi
Pure and humble servant of God
Your life was a testimony of faith
And inspired us to follow the same path

In distant lands you heard the call
To spread the gospel, to all and sundry
You left behind the comforts of your home
To serve the Lord through humanity

Your prayers and penances
Were a constant reminder of the divine presence
Through trials and suffering
You found comfort in your sacrifice

O blessed Father Tansi, dear friend and brother
Your love for God had no end
Your devotion to the Blessed Mother
Was a shining example for all brothers

You taught us the power of prayer
To trust in God with love and care
With humility and a heart so pure
You showed us what it really means to endure

Blessed Father Tansi, we come to you today
With open hearts we humbly pray
Guide us on our journey of faith
Help us to navigate through the web of life

Intercede for us before the throne
For our sins, that they may be fully atoned for
Bless our families, bless our land
As we strive for God's holy lessons.


© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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