Do not be afraid Mary
For the angels have come to tell
That you will bring forth a child
Whose light will shine and dispel
All the darkness and the fear
That the world has grown to know
You are chosen and blessed
With a heart that truly glows

Do not be afraid Mary
Though the road may seem unclear
For in your hands rests the future
Of a destiny that's so sincere
You will raise a son of God
Whose love will never cease
And through him, all will see
The beauty of his peace

Do not be afraid Mary
For a mother's love is strong
And in your arms, he'll find
The comfort that he longs
To know that he is loved
And cherished in your care
Will give him all the strength
To spread his love everywhere

Do not be afraid Mary
For the journey may be tough
But with faith and trust in God
You will make it through rough
He will guide you every step
And be with you all the way
Just keep your head held high
And never be afraid to pray

Do not be afraid Mary
For you were chosen for a reason
To carry the son of God
And fulfill a divine mission
So embrace this gift you've been given
And let your heart be filled with grace
For in your arms lies the savior
And through him, we will find our place

Do not be afraid Mary
For you are blessed beyond compare
And through your son, our lives
Will forever be touched by prayer
Thank you for your courage
And for saying yes to God's call
For in your yes, salvation
Came to save us all.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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