Who will rescue me
From the last tree of my refuge?
My heart races in fear
As my life hangs in the balance
With danger all around me
And death looming in front of me.

Wild animals circle
Watching with hunger in their eyes
Waiting for their chance
To claim me as their feast.
But I cling to this tree
A desperate attempt for safety.

But the tree is weak
Its branches beginning to give way
I can feel it trembling
And my heart begins to sink.
Beneath me, a river waits
Ready to swallow me whole
And I am left hanging
With no hope of survival.

I cry out for help
But the only reply is the rustling of leaves.
My screams go unheard
In this vast wilderness
Miraculously, a tornado came
And plucked me out of sight

An invisible hand reached out to me
Pulling me to safety
And I am rescued
From the clutches of death
I look up in gratitude
At the person who saved me
And I am filled with relief
As I realize it was an angel of rescue

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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