O blessed Saint Prisca
Martyr of ancient Rome
You endured great suffering
Alone in the name of Jesus

Your faith was unbreakable
When you were cruelly persecuted
You remained steadfast and faithful
In the face of such retribution

You were a shining example
Of courage and devotion
Your love for God was unwavering
A true testimony of your faith in motion

O Saint Prisca, hear our prayers
From your place in heaven above
Intercede for us in our trials
And shower us with your love

Guide us in times of need
And inspire us to be strong
As you were in your trials
And persevered long in your faith

May we learn from your story
And imitate your steadfastness
In the face of adversity
May we too be guided by your blessedness

Saint Prisca, we honour you
And thank you for your sacrifice
Your memory will live on forever
We ask for your guidance and your light

In the name of the Father
The Son, and of the Holy Spirit
We pray to you, Saint Prisca
In your name may all evils be conquered.


© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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