The sun had already risen, and a new day of beauty was born. Kesandu stared up at the sky, admiring the spectacle the Creator was offering her that morning. The sky was deep blue, with orange, pink and yellow streaks radiating from the horizon. She took a deep breath and felt the energy and life in the air around her. Kesandu had always appreciated nature and all its wonders, but there was something special about this morning.  She looked up to the sky as if she could reach out and touch the beauty that lay there. She smiled, feeling the peace in the air and the satisfaction of being surrounded by such beauty, no matter what difficulties life brought her.

At that moment, a single shooting star flew across the sky, illuminating the otherwise quiet and peaceful morning. Kesandu's eyes widened in wonder and excitement.  She knew that the beauty of the sky reminded her that she was exactly where she was supposed to be, and that she was beautiful, just like nature. She closed her eyes and thanked the universe for its continued beauty, for reminding her that life is a gift, and for the strength to go on. She knew that no matter what else the day brought, the sky was beautiful, and that was enough. She opened her dairy and wrote an open letter to God:


A speck of you I see in the sky

A feeling my heart can never deny

A meteor that I want to ride on

In you I strive to hide


You are the birth cloud of light that I behold

Your beauty makes my world shine

With the artistic colours of your Creation

A glimpse of you is a glorious sight


I wish I could bow and cuddle you when I see you

Your face, amidst the clouds

Is a whisper of comfort in the breeze, as the sun plays hide and seek with you

And your light expressing itself in the sky


Your grace and love comfort me

My heart is filled with gladness

While the wind and the rain embrace me

In the midst of the thunder, your voice rings clear


Your presence is a pleasant surprise

It's like a movie playing in the sky

My own love story, just you and me

The feeling of love so pure and deep like two angels.


My heart is lifted high in praise

When I think of you, my God

You are the petals in my roses

You are all that I have.

We live in a world of beauty and wonder. From the magnificent greenery of nature to the luxuries of modern life, there is something for everyone to admire. You may find yourself looking at large white clouds that look like big pieces of popcorn, or the twinkling of stars that make the night sky glow. Your view of the beauty of the sky can range from subtle to thrilling. Your concept of God can make you think about the stars, the clouds, the moon, and even the atmosphere. Depending on the time of day and your location, you may be surrounded by a variety of colours, ranging from bright reds to deep blues. You may be delighted to see wildlife in the sky. As you watch the horizon, you may be amazed to see a flock of birds masterfully create a swirling pattern as they migrate into the cold season.

Your feelings may transport you to a world of fantasy. There is something special about flying; you feel invincible. If you have ever seen an airplane take off and soar through the sky, or even had the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon, you may know what it is like to feel that sense of freedom, to fly away and be anywhere in the world.

Behind the secrets and mysteries that the feelings in our hearts have yet to tell us, we sometimes catch a glimpse of ourselves in the sky - the reflection of our own dreams and desires shining in the distance. A captivating reminder of how far we have come, and at the same time a hope for what remains to be done.

The sky appears like a giant canvas, symbolising a fresh start and a brand new beginning. The beauty of the sky gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves and consider how far we have come in achieving our goals. Even if we fail in one area of life, we can move forward in another. Let us not lose hope in doing everything and achieving everything we set out to do. These moments are appreciated and lead to an increase in our productivity and motivation.

Looking up into the sky provides us with a much needed break from our chaotic lives and gives us a peace and serenity that no earthly pleasures can ever match. A look at the sky gives us information about our past, present and near future. We will see our frustrations and successes, our achievements and detours, our choices and opportunities, and above all, what we can be and what we have become. On a quiet night when the sky is peaceful and the stars are visible, take a moment to look up and admire the view, it will give you peace, comfort and courage to face life's most difficult times.

Sr Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie



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