My name is Prisca
A name with grace
Gifted from heavens
In this mortal space

It means ancient
A name from the past
A reminder that time
Is moving too fast

With a strong will
And a heart of gold
My name holds power
That can never be sold

I am a warrior
A fighter at heart
With Saint Prisca by my side
I will never fall apart

Through hardships and trials
My name will guide me
It's a symbol of strength
That I will always carry

For every challenge
That life may bring
Saint Prisca will be there
To help me spread my wings

I am proud of my name
And all that it signifies
It's a reminder of my roots
And the dreams in my eyes

My name is Prisca
A name that stands tall
A name that I am grateful for
For it makes me who I am after all.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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