Our generation suffers in silence
Because the emotions we feel are hard to express
We keep them inside us, hidden from the world
Thoughts of fear that long for release

Our struggles are hidden behind a mask
That we wear to keep the problems away
But like the moon, silky and round
Buried emotions begin to cascade

We hide until we break
And the relaxed façade begins to crack
It collapses until there is nothing left
No will, no drive, no energy to take

Our generation suffers in silence
Longs for a voice that is heard
The problems are profound, but we don't speak up
The wall of silence feels so absurd

It's time to speak up and end the torture
Let's allow our voices to be heard far and wide
It's important to be heard when we seek refuge
No more suffering in silence, no more decay.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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