Greatness doesn't come so easily
It takes dedication and unity
You have to dream big and face challenges
Because knowledge and the power of good work cannot be wrong

Time and effort bring direction and will
Motivation and direction to climb the hill
You also need a heart full of courage and intelligence
Make sure you always do a good job, because that is your reference point

Expectations will come and go
Awareness and understanding help us grow
Righteousness must be at our core
For good work alone frees our souls from the shores

You can change the future, much more than you know
Good work will make the world a better place and it will show
Faith will give us courage and hope for grace
Help bring about change and sit in the front row to watch the race

Wisdom and justice will never let you down
Generosity of heart leads to a beautiful crown
With courage and respect you will fly
Rise from adversity with the power of good work in mind

Our minds can imagine what we really desire
But we must do the work to realise that fire
When we focus and create, we can open a door
Where what we do brings joy we could never have before

In life, we can flip a coin and hope for the best
Or choose to be the conqueror and pass the test
Because our willpower keeps us alive
The power of good work is mightier than a beehive.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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