What is my future without God and money?
An indefinite future with grief and tears
A future full of insecurity and uncertainty
A future without clarity

A future without God and money is meaningless
A lost future, so dark
A future full of loneliness and dejection
A future without hope and sparks

A future of despair and of drifting away
A future without joy and thrills
A future of nothingness, of emptiness
Fears of a dark future

Without God and money, I am like a ship without a sail
Without a reason for which I could avail
Held in life's hands and without any control
My life would take shape inside a hole

My future travels on a path of uncertainty
Where dreams without clarity do not manifest
Unable to finance their own way
Walking lightly through the day

Without God and money, my path is unclear
A future with disappointment and no joy
A life spent outside the divine framework
Is a life not worth living, a fading hope

But a future with God and money is full and bright
A future full of joy, full of meaning
An assurance of a good living for every mortal
A future with accomplishment.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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