My birthday
My special day
When time stands still
And everything fades

A day to celebrate
A day of reflection
A reminder of growth
A year of accomplishment

It's a time to remember
Of the moments of joy
The challenges
The lessons learned

With every year that passes
I grow and change
But on this special day
I'm grateful for the whole range

For the people who love me
And the memories we have shared
For the laughter and the tears
Of life's experiences

When I blow out the candles
And make a wish
I remember all the blessings
That fill my life like a dish

Another year older
But also much wiser
With each successive birthday
I become a little more secure

More sure of who I'm
And who I want to be
On this special day
I see the real me

Today is my birthday
And all that it means
A day of love, growth and gratitude
My heart overflows and shines.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie 

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