The world is full of wonders
Of things so rare and true
But one thing that stands out
Is the beauty of uniqueness in you

No two flowers are the same
Each has its own flair
Just as you are special
With features that make you rare

Your eyes hold a world of secrets
That only you can reveal
A heart that beats so differently
Yet it has so much to heal

Your voice is like a melody
Sweet and magical to hear
No one can imitate its magic
For it is unique and oh so sweet

How you laugh, and how you cry
The way you walk and talk
All these little quirks make you
A unique masterpiece to marvel at

Never try to fit in
Because you are destined to stand out
Embrace your uniqueness
Because that's what the world is all about

Never change what makes you special
That sets you apart from the rest
Because the beauty of uniqueness
Is what makes you truly blessed.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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