The beauty of a cup

A cup is a necessity; everyone needs it
It is good for sharing; share your gift with others
A cup is patient in resisting cold and hot drinks
It does not discriminate individuals.
A cup is a symbol of God's love
Everyone needs love at all times
We need the chalice in the celebration of the Eucharist
In the Eucharist, we commemorate the suffering, death and transformation of Christ.
Everyone needs a cup even as we'd like a friend
Give your cup attention - it's your friend
Never ruin its beauty - keep it always clean
Your cup serves you always like a friend; it is kind to you.
A cup says everything about the person who carries it
It illustrates your attachment to others
Your cup may accommodate drinks of all types
It shares with you in your daily lifestyle.
Your cup is your treasure and your reserve;
Without a cup, your drinking could also be difficult
A cup is often used for occasions and events
It is at your disposal for your daily use.
What makes your cup beautiful is up to you
Your friends are like cups; they'll be for private or public use
If you're cordial to them, you'll appreciate their companionship
If you're careless, they're going to break free from you.
Some cups are fragile; they have attention and care
Some are strong and resistant; they have your support
All you would like in your cup is love
God's love in your life is like a cup; He's always available to you.
Share the content of your cup with others
Help them acquire the courage to resist
Teach your friends the necessity for patience in every season of life
Be generous together with your cup.
Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie is a  Roman Catholic Nun. She belongs to the religious order of “Oblates of St. Benedict Joseph Labre” in Italy. She is a graduate of the University of Bari where she obtained her Bachelor's and Masters' degrees in “Information and Communication Technologies for the Production of Software” and “Computer Science” respectively. Currently, she is carrying out research work on “E-learning for Developing Countries”.

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