Where is your brother?

Gen4:9 "Then the Lord asked Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" He answered, "I do not know; am I my brother's keeper?"

There is a saying that a man is tested three times in his life: in poverty, in wealth and when facing sickness and death. In the end, these experiences bring a promise of change in the life of the individual. Just as God did with Adam and Eve following their sin in the garden of Eden, in the same manner, He comes to confront Cain following the murder of Abel in the field. Each moment of our lives, God provides us with the opportunity for confession, for repentance and conversion.
When sin enters our heart, we are prone to do irrational things. We allow anger, indifference, hatred, envy, jealousy and greed to steal our inner peace. Where is your brother? Where is your sister? Are we going to respond to God in the same manner as Cain? God wants our lives to overflow with mercy, compassion and love. We have only one choice to make before God - to love our brother, our sister, our parents, our friends as ourselves. We are called to be their guardian, to be responsible for their spiritual growth, to appreciate, to love, to encourage and to pray for one another.
Created in God's image, we have been assigned the duty to assist one another. Fraternal correction must always be inspired as a spiritual work of mercy. We must learn to let go of the things we are afraid to lose. Should we be our brother's keeper? Yes! We are the guardians of our brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, the entire human race. We are infinitely responsible for others; we cannot hide behind the rhetoric of freedom to mask our indifference towards good or evil in the life of those around us. We must try our best to comfort, to assist and support one another. Respecting the freedom of others does not mean abandoning them to their fate, but trying everything lawful, so that their fate turns out good. The secret of our Christian faith should be the presence of Christ which manifests itself in oneness with others and in unity. When we genuinely love someone, there is an immense flow of joy. When our love is effective, it pulls miracle from heaven!
Prayer: Lord, You are present in all the people around me. Help me to focus on their welfare instead of their weaknesses, to build up with words, behaviour and prayers. Give me the ability to be open to corrections in love and sincerity.
– By Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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