Drink a cup of water

With longing thirst, who would not faint and die?
Christ is the font of living water
He calls everyone to come and drink
His generosity is great and eternal.
Pick your cup and serve yourself some water
Quench your thirst and satisfy yourself
Your cup of water exceeds what the eyes can see
It is the power of God that brings renewal.
Water is a source of vitality and growth
It can transform arid land into a fruitful field
Drink from Christ the water of life
It is clean water that runs fresh and pure.
Fill your cup with wisdom - it is God's spirit,
a pearl of wisdom impacts life and blessing to all who receive it
it is not picked from the ground or plucked from the tree
Wisdom is an opener to God's gift to us.
Drink from the water of the Holy Spirit
It gives life to every living thing
Water is life; it revives the spirit
God gives everything beauty like the spring.
Be a witness to Jesus suffering like Veronica
Imitate her courage, kindness and empathy towards others
Reach out to relieve the sick, the dying, the poor and the unwanted
Such generosity is an imprint of comfort.
Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie is a  Roman Catholic Nun. She belongs to the religious order of “Oblates of St. Benedict Joseph Labre” in Italy. She is a graduate of the University of Bari where she obtained her Bachelor's and Masters' degrees in “Information and Communication Technologies for the Production of Software” and “Computer Science” respectively. Currently, she is carrying out research work on “E-learning for Developing Countries”.

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