Beware of evil men and women
With a smile that hides their misdeeds
They come in all forms
But their intent remains the same
To deceive and cause harm
In the name of their own advantage

With honeyed tongues they speak
And lure the innocent with ease
Their lies are like a well-crafted trap
Waiting for their prey to fall
Into their web of deceit
They will use any means

Their hearts are black as night
And their souls consumed by greed
They have no remorse or empathy
For the pain they inflict on others
Their only goal is gratification
To satisfy and hide their selfish desires

So beware of their false promises
And their feigned care
For once they have won your trust
They take from you all that is fair
They leave you broken and betrayed
Through their malice you will be ensnared

Do not be fooled by their charm
Or be fooled by their cunning ways
For the price you will pay is high
If you choose to believe
The lies of evil men and women
Their true nature you must recognise

So heed this warning, my dear
And remain vigilant and wise
For evil can take many forms
Innocent masks it can conceal
But with attentive observation
Its true face comes to light

Beware of evil men and women
For they walk among us all
But with a strong heart and mind
Their plans are sure to fail
So stand tall and fearless
And allow goodness to prevail.

   © Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie 

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