Happy New Year

A time of joy

A new beginning

With a brand new heart

Step into the unknown

Leaving old fears behind

Take a deep breath

And let go of all regrets

Leave the past behind you

For this year will be

New possibilities and light

That shines so bright

With set resolutions

And memories that are laid

On a brand new page

Filled with hope and wisdom

When the clock strikes twelve

We make a wish and dive in

Into the possibilities that lie ahead

With a heart full of lead

Because this year is ours

To claim and power

Let's make it the best

A year we won't forget

So raise your glass

In this moment, let the time pass

And embrace the new year

Filled with joy and happiness

Happy New Year

A chance to steer

To all that is good

With a grateful attitude.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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