Sochimacham was tired of being alone in the world. She had no parents, no family, and no friends. She had to make her own way, but that was hard to do. She had no money and no happiness. All she had were a few seeds of joy that seemed to grow even though she felt so bad.

One day, Sochimacham decided to take a walk through the park and noticed the many flowers in bloom. That's when it hit her: the seeds of joy she possessed were the same ones blooming in the park. That is why the flowers were so alive and in such abundance. It was like a sign from the universe reminding them that life was still worth living.

Sochimacham took some of the flowers and planted them in her garden. She couldn't believe that such small seeds could bring so much happiness. She took special care of them and treated them as if they were her own children. And as they grew, so did Sochimacham's hopes and dreams. Sochimacham's garden was soon full of plants and buds with bright colours that reminded her that joy was still possible. She stood apart and simply basked in its beauty. In this garden of seeds of unadulterated joy, Sochimacham felt a kind of certainty that she could make it if she only stayed true to herself.
And she remained true to herself. Eventually, she met new friends and had a successful career. But in the midst of all that, she never forgot the seeds of Unfailing Joy that she had planted so long ago. Every now and then she would stop and admire them, reminding herself how resilient and beautiful life really is. In her excitement, she said within her:

A flowering of joy sprouts in my heart,
I no longer wish to be apart.
From what I love most, be it far or near,
This joy grows ever more sincere.

The future radiates its light,
Bringing the hope of a better night.
Blessed in the strength from the divine,
My courage is ready, willing to shine.

Time never stops, that is true,
But I know I can always pull through.
Glimpses in darkness, a trace of cheer,
Remind me of the joy that’s here.

These seeds of joy, so swift and strong,
Help me to keep going on and on.
Though life can be tough with endless strife,
The joy will always make it through the night.

When life gets hard and joy seems to fade, it is important to have a source of joy that never dries up. The seeds of unshakable joy can be planted in our lives and cultivated with creative activities, spiritual nourishment, and meaningful relationships.
Creative activities can bring us joy in the mundane and add meaning to life. Painting, writing, playing music, cooking, and gardening are just a few examples of creative pursuits that can help us connect more deeply to ourselves, the world around us, and to our source of joy.

Spiritual nourishment is about getting connected to the power of love, life, and light. It can be found through traditions such as yoga, meditation, or prayer. Taking time to connect to the spiritual aspect of life can help us tap into a joy that is much richer than the joy that can be found in material pursuits.

Meaningful relationships feed our spirit. When we are connected to others in meaningful ways, joy can be found even on the darkest of days. Laughing, spending quality time, and being of service to others — these are just some of the ways joy can be found in our relationships with others.

We all need joy in our lives. Seeds of unfailing joy provide us with the nourishment we need to pursue the life we truly want. As we cultivate the seeds of unfailing joy within us, we can come to experience the true joy that life has to offer.


Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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