The season of love is endless
For true love never dies
It flows like a river
Through all the moments of life

Love blooms like a flower
It grows in every heart
With every hour that passes
Its pure beauty shows

It's a flame that never goes out
Even in the darkest night
And in the hardest shades
She shines with a strong light.

It's a promise we keep
In our hearts forever
Because when true love runs deep
It opens every door

It's a bond that won't break
No matter what the test looks like
Because true love will always
A way to get through the rest

It's a journey we undertake
With our soulmate by our side
And every step we take
Love is our trusted guide

True love never dies
It's an eternal flame
That is forever kindled
And speak the name of our hearts.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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