The rain has a voice
It whispers in the ear
A gentle melody
I can hear

It speaks of secrets
And old stories
Of love and loss
And untold stories

The raindrops fall
Like tears from the sky
Each one with a story
Waiting to fly

The voice of the rain
Is both sad and sweet
It echoes in my thoughts
And makes my heart beat

It tells of longing
And dreams that fade
Of cherished moments
And mistakes made

The sky weeps
As its heart breaks in two
The clouds hold its tears
In shades of grey and blue

As I sit and listen
Its gentle murmur
Fall on my ear
From a distant land

It speaks of love
And of the beauty of life
A reminder to be grateful
For moments of light

The voice of the rain
Is a blessing in disguise
A reminder to slow down
And to appreciate life's ties.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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