Like a symphony of sound
The nature's orchestra creates
The melody of the storm
In harmonic debate

With every lightning strike
And the roar of thunder
The rhythm begins to form
Like waves on the shore

The beat gets louder
As the rain begins to fall
A primal rhythm
Answering Mother Nature's call

The melody, ever-changing
As lightning cracks across the sky
A brilliant and chaotic display
To the drumbeats powerful sway

The thunder, like a bass drum
Pounds against the sky
While lightning dances freely
In a dazzling spectacle high above

And in the eye of the storm
A moment of pure calm
A peaceful melody, before
The chaos begins to swarm

Even in its fury
The storm's melody sings
A reminder of the power of nature
And the beauty it brings

And when the storm has passed
And the melody fades away
We're left in awe and wonder
At the magnificent display of nature

For in the melody of the storm
We find a sense of peace
A reminder of the beauty of life
And a moment of release.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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