Pride, a double-edged sword
A sense of self-worth and of value
A feeling that cannot be ignored
A fire that ignites from birth

It can uplift and inspire
It can give you a sense of glory
But be careful, because it can also tyre
And lead to a destructive story

Pride, a powerful force
That feeds our deepest desires
But when it becomes the source
Of our downfall, it backfires

It can make us stand tall
But also cloud our minds
When we think we have it all
Our true selves, we can be blind

Our pride is seen in success achieved
And of those we love
But when it becomes achievements
It can lead us down a path of fear

Pride can lead to ego
And ego can lead to a fall
It's a delicate balance
Sometimes we stumble before we stand tall

Be proud of who you are
And of the path you walk
Carry your pride with grace
All that matters is your inner peace

Pride, a bittersweet feeling
It can make or break
Pride, with good intentions
It can be a beautiful trait.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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