Old and wise, they say we become
After years and years beneath the sun
But what kind of elder have you become?
A reflection of your hearts, that will forever hum.

Elders, who are you?
With each passing year
Do you hold on to wisdom
Or let it disappear?

Are you an evil elder
With deceit in your heart?
Manipulating the young
And tearing families apart

Or are you a sincere elder
Guiding with love and care?
Passing on your knowledge
Teaching lessons fair

Do you live a useless life
Filled with regret and pain?
Or do you use your experience
To help others gain?

Are you an ungodly elder
Lost in material desires?
Or do you show faith and grace
And guid others through the fires?

Is insincerity your trait
With a facade of kindness?
Or do you truly care
For those in need and blindness?

Are you a Godfearing elder
With humility and grace?
Leading others on the right path
With a steady pace

Do you possess wisdom
From years of living and learning?
Passing it down to the young
Their minds and hearts yearning

Do you show love and care
For those around you?
Helping them in times of need
Being their strength to cling to

Are you a wicked elder
Filled with bitterness and hate?
Jealous of the youth
And their lives, so great

Elders, who are you?
Do you choose your path?
Do you strive for goodness
Or succumb to life's wrath?

Whichever kind of elder
You may choose to be,
Remember your actions
Will define your legacy.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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