As I lay in slumber
Lost in the depths of my mind
A sudden noise startles me
And makes me feel blind

I try to open my eyes
But the darkness holds me fast
Fear grips my heart,
I pray for the morning light

I hear a faint whisper
A rustling in the hallway
My heart begins to race
As I wait for the call

And then I see them
The robbers in my dream
They steal all my thoughts
And everything in between

They rummage through my memories
And steal every precious piece
I feel violated
And my inner peace decrease

They take my hopes and dreams
And my deepest desires
They leave nothing behind
Only empty burning fires

I try to fight them off
But they're always one step ahead of me
They leave me breathless
While they fill me with fear

But as I begin to surrender
And surrender to the night
The sun begins to rise
And they disappear from my sight

I wake up drenched in sweat
Feeling shaken and weak
And realize that it was a mere dream
But the fear is still there, gloomy

But I'll continue to dream
And fight my way through the night
For my mind is my fortress
And I'll protect it with all my might.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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