Cancer is like a seed
Planted by pain and hurt
Nurtured by anger and greed
It grows and spreads, never inert

Its roots deeply intertwined
With the grudges we hold
Unforgiveness, never resigned
Fueling the cancer, bold and cold

Cancer is a curse that knows no mercy
It strikes with such cruelty
It steals health and destroys peace
Leaves behind an unbearable torment

But what if this disease
Is not just a physical ailment?
What if its roots lie in the heart
In the depths of pain and unforgiveness?

Because cancer is like unforgiveness
Is a disease that spreads and consumes
It feeds on bitterness and anger
While the soul withers and perishes

The body may be strong and resilient
But the heart, oh the heart
It cannot withstand the burden
Of the resentment and pain that tears it apart

Like cancer cells that multiply
Unforgiveness grows and thrives
It feeds on past injustice and pain
It takes over and consumes life

We hold on to anger and resentment
And refuse to let go and forgive
But we do not realise
That it is our own hearts that we begin to kill

Because cancer and unforgiveness
Both have the same result
They destroy what is good and pure
Leaving only a bitter turmoil

But there is a cure
For these two infirmities
Forgiveness, the key to healing
And the breaking of their destructive addictions

Let go of the hurt and resentment
And watch love and peace grow
For only forgiveness can heal
And mend what was once broken and low

So let us not wait for the cancer
For it to strike and wake us up
Let us cultivate forgiveness
And fill our hearts with love.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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