I will live and die a Catholic
My faith will never falter
I will walk with God all my whole life
And trust in him at every altar

From birth I was taught the ways
Of Holy Mother Church
And though sometimes I doubted
My faith never felt like a curse

I found comfort in the Mass
In the prayers and the songs sung
In the quiet moments of adoration
My soul flew on the wings of angels

The sacraments nourish my soul
My soul and bring me nearer to God
In confession I find forgiveness
And in communion my heart is full of reverence

I will spend my life in service
To the teachings of the Church
For in the mercy and love of Christ
I find my true worth

And when my time is up, to go
From this earth to my eternal home
I will find comfort in the knowledge
That I will never be alone

Then, I will join the saints and angels
In the glorious heavenly host
For in the arms of my loving God
My soul will finally rest.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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