Lost memories of me
Echo softly through my mind
Like whispers on a gentle breeze
They’re there, but hard to find

Fragments of my past
Scattered all around
Remnants of who I used to be
But now nowhere to be found

Pictures faded with time
Faces I can’t recall
So many moments lost
Never to be remembered at all

Was there a time I laughed
Or cried tears of joy?
Did I have a favorite song
Or a favorite toy?

The memories slip away
Leaving me with a void
A sense of emptiness
For the memories I have destroyed

Regrets and mistakes
Haunt me day and night
If only I could remember
I would make it right

But alas, the memories are lost
Leaving me with an ache
A longing to remember
Before it’s all too late

Lost memories of me
A puzzle with missing pieces
I’ll never be whole
Until my memory releases

I’ll hold on to what I have
And make new memories to keep
Hoping one day they’ll be cherished
And not lost in a restless sleep.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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