On a day of joy and cheers
Amidst the jingle of festive bells
I came into this world, born anew
On the boxing Day, so fresh and true

With every blow and every punch
I took my first breath, a fighter in a crunch
For I was born on a day of strength
Amidst the spirit of giving and breadth

In the ring of life, I'll rise and fall
But never give up, I'll stand tall
On the day of my birth, I was surrounded
By love and support, never grounded

The world was lit with twinkling lights
As I opened my eyes, to the greatest sights
Family and friends, gathered around
To welcome me, with love unbound

Like a present, I was unwrapped
A gift to cherish, never trapped
For I was born on the boxing Day
A symbol of resilience and courage, they say

As the years go by, I'll grow and learn
With every lesson, I'll take a turn
And like a boxer, in the face of fear
I'll keep moving forward, with each passing year

I was born on a day of strength
Amidst the spirit of giving, at arm's length
And though the punches may come my way
I'll hold my head high on the boxing days.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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