In life we strive for greatness
To reach the heights of success
But often we fail to see
That timing actually plays a crucial role

We race towards our goals
With eager and ambitious souls
But if the timing is not right
We may fight and lose the battle

Like a delicate flower that blooms
At the perfect hour it consumes
The nutrients of sun and rain
Timing brings success in its own sphere

A seed planted at the wrong time
Cannot grow into fertile ground
But if the timing is just right
It will blossom and reach new heights

The key to success lies in time
It is the guardian of our hopes and dreams
If we learn to flow with its rhythm
We can achieve what seems impossible

When faced with a choice
Let's listen to our inner voices
And trust in ourselves and what is true
By taking the right decisions that come to us

Life is a journey of lessons and tests
It's left to us to do our best
Let us make the right decisions
At the right time, with clear visions.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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