Every day is a battlefield
A war for your soul
Invisible powers and invisible weapons
Fighting for control

Your mind is the battleground
Where thoughts and feelings clash
The enemy's weapons are doubt and fear
But you must stay strong and not fall

Arm yourself with love and light
With courage and grace
For these are the weapons that can win
In this never-ending chase

The world is full of distractions
That try to lure you away
But focus on your path
And do not go astray

The war is not easy
But you must fight on
Because your soul is worth the fight
And your spirit must stay strong

Take your shield of faith
And your sword of truth and hope
For in this war for your soul
You must learn to cope

To win, never give up the fight
For your soul is worth more
Arm yourself with everything you have
And you will overcome the war.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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