Genuine friendship is as strong as cobwebs
With threads that intertwine and webs that spread
Through thick and thin, it will never break
Even when the storms of life shake it
Like a spider, we weave relationships
With trust, loyalty and devotion

True friendship has many layers
Just like the complicated web of a spider
It withstands the tests of time
And is never tarnished by a crime
Through ups and downs, it remains true
Like a spider's web, it endures through and through

From the laughter shared to the tears shed
Together we feel understood
Like a spider's web, we catch each other's fall
And lift each other up when we feel small
Together we overcome all fears
Because in true friendship we find our strongest support and encouragement

Just like a spider's web, it may seem delicate
But its strength lies in its complex structure
The beauty may not be visible to the eye
But its effect can be felt when we feel low or high
When true friendship is on cobwebs
It weaves a bond that nothing can ever break or tear.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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