Trapped in the visible

Mt 23:28 "You present to view a holy exterior while hypocrisy and evil fill you within"


Jesus is addressing His words not only to the religious leaders (the Pharisees and the Scribes) but also to us. He inspires us today to look within ourselves so as not to run the risk of becoming hypocrites not only with others but also with ourselves. It is within us that our true self is built and operates. It is from there that our feelings, our sincerity, our relationship with God starts. Oftentimes, we are trapped in the visible, our exterior appearance to look more attractive, elegant and beautiful. We seek public attention full of mistaken identity of our true self by the way we speak, act and treat others.
However, discovering that we too are inhabited by hypocrisy should not discourage us and make us fall into another form of hypocrisy: "I'm worth nothing, so I'll never succeed". Discovering that we are poor and imperfect should instead help us to be much more merciful to others. We must understand that true beauty, piety and goodness come from within - from a heart that is set on pleasing God and a mind that is set on hearing and observing the Word of God. The mission of Jesus Christ is to liberate us from sin such as lust, envy, pride, greed, hatred and gluttony. Let us humble ourselves before God so that we may receive from Him true healing, forgiveness, wisdom and understanding.

Prayer: Lord, may your Holy Spirit renew our minds and hearts and direct us in the way of righteousness. Amen

– By Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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