Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, our Saviour from above
Sent to earth in human form to show us infinite love
He walked on this broken land, with compassion and grace
And offered us redemption through his death and the embrace of resurrection

Born in a manger, humble and small
The King of kings, but above all
A child who grew up to heal the sick
And taught us through parables, His words so close

He showed us love through His deeds, not just words alone
He washed His disciples' feet and made the blind see
He calmed the raging sea and raised the dead to life
His miracles and teachings inspire us to this day, despite all our pain and strife

But it was his ultimate sacrifice that we will always remember
He died on the cross to give up for our sins
He took our burdens so that we can be free
His blood was shed to redeem you and me

For every nail that pierced His hands, every thorn on His crown
Was a symbol of His love that could not be brought down
He bore our punishment that we might have eternal life
He rose from the grave and conquered death, sin and strife

Jesus Christ is our Saviour, our hope and our light
He brings us forgiveness and makes all things right
Regardless of our past or the mistakes we have made
He offers us redemption, a new life and a better way.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie 

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