Every person has three names that he bears
The first is given with love and care
Chosen by the parents, a name to hold on to
A precious gift, more valuable than gold

A name that lasts a lifetime
Through laughter, tears and struggles
A name that arouses a sense of pride
A name that feels like home

The second name is the one we choose
To represent our dreams and beliefs
A name that tells a unique story
A name that makes our hearts beat faster

A name we can shape and mold
To shape our journey, to be bold
It holds the hopes of our family lineage
Rooted in who we are, unique

The third name is the one we earn
Through our deeds, the lessons we learn
A name shaped by our deeds and our grace
A name that defines our true face

It carries the weight of our legacy
A responsibility that is visible to all
A name that we pass on to the next generation
A name that bears our mark and our passion

Three names that we carry, three names that we cherish and nurture
Each name is a part of us, a name that we nurture
For every person, these names unite
To form a beautiful, complex life.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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