Good deeds, bad deeds, we all do them
From the moment we are born, so we begin
With every decision, every choice we make
Our future is shaped, our path is at stake

They are connected like threads
They weave the fabric of our destiny
Our actions determine our state
Like a reflection of who we are and the path we pave

For every kindness we show
A flower of joy will grow
In the garden of our soul
Nourished by a heart that is whole

But a cruel word or deed
Can sow a poisonous seed
That spreads its roots deep
And affect the path we will walk

Our choices, a kind of compass
That guides us to different harbours
Will we sail towards the good and the light
Or will we be engulfed by darkness and struggle

The waves of our actions
Can either lead to contentment
Or to a wave of regret and pain
That will leave a lasting stain

A helping hand, a smile
Can make someone's life worth living
But a hurtful act, a lie
Can cause another's soul to die

We are the writers of our story
Each action, a brushstroke of glory
Or a stain on the canvas we paint
Our destiny, a result of what we taint

So let us choose our steps wise
For our fate, we do devise
Good deeds, a pathway to bliss
Bad deeds, a detour to abyss

For in the end, it's not wealth or deeds
But the legacy of love that succeeds
Let us shape our destiny
With kindness, goodness, and empathy.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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