A holy family is united as one
Blessed by the Lord's divine love
In their hearts is a shining sun
Guiding them with faith from up above

Their bond tight and unbreakable
Forged in a sacred flame
In each other, they find trust and stability
Their love, forever the same

A happy family, born of sanctity
Their home a haven of peace
With God as their guiding deity
Their joys and sorrows, they release

Through trials and tribulations
Their unity stands strong
Their faith, a constant foundation
In which they belong

For in a holy family, there is harmony
And a love that knows no end
Their souls bound by true empathy
Their hearts, forever on the mend

Together they pray, together they grow
Through every rise and fall
With God as their center, they truly know
That a holy family stands tall

A holy family is a blessing to behold
Their love is like a lamp on their path
In times of need, they find solace
A happy family is forever in God's sight.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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