No burden is heavy to bear
If you have faith, love and care
When sorrow and grief cross your path
These three will help you pave the way

Faith, a light that shows you the way
Even in moments of doubt and anger
It gives you strength and courage
To face the struggles that can discourage

Love, a powerful force to hold on to
It warms your heart in times of cold
With its gentle touch and tender mercies
It helps you endure every difficult place

Caring, a gift we can all share
It lightens the weight of every despair
By extending a helping hand
She brings hope to every troubled land

No burden is heavy to bear
When faith, love and care are there
Together they form an unbreakable bond
That helps us to face challenges

When life becomes too much to bear
And we feel our hearts might break
Remember that these three are always there
Faith, hope and care.

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