In the arms of Mary, I find refuge
A safe refuge, a place of solace
With her gentle touch and loving gaze
I am held in a warm embrace

I find peace as she whispers words of comfort
Wipes away my every tear and eases all my hurt
In the arms of Mary, I find strength
To face life's trials and tribulations

In the arms of our mother Mary, I find love
Pure and unconditional
She knows my heart and soul
And sees me as I truly am

I find forgiveness in her arms
For all my sins and mistakes
She reminds me of my worth
And how much her love takes

In her arms I find guidance
As she leads me towards the light
She shows me the path to righteousness
And helps me in my spiritual fight

In the arms of the mother of Jesus, I find a mother
A protector and a friend
Her unwavering love and devotion
Will never come to an end

I found my home in her
A place where I feel whole
As I rest within her embrace
I know I have found my soul's role

I will stay forever and always by her side
For in her arms, I find shelter
In her loving arms
I find love that will never subside.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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